Trish Densham

Business and Human Resources Manager

With just over 13 years in our office managing the day-to-day operations, Trish has helped the company grow and become what it is today.

Before working at EV, Trish received a Bachelors in Business Administration with an Accounting minor from Northern Arizona University. Her career moved from banks to restaurants to project management. She traveled all over the United States from California to Colorado before finally landing in Burlington, Vermont.

She couldn’t be happier working at Engineering Ventures. The people, the events, the dogs, and the plants, among so many other things make her happy to come in every day. Trish still works her culinary magic and has won many of the cook-offs that EV puts on.

Trish has many roles at EV. She is primarily our Human Resources and Business manager. These jobs mostly mean getting to know employees at all three of our offices, and ensuring that everyone is comfortable.

At the end of the day, Trish spends her free time gardening in the spring and summer, and cross-country skiing in the winter. She also works at various fitness studios where she teaches core, spin, and other classes.