Touring Oakledge

Two of EV’s administrative team went on a snowy tour of 65 Oakledge. Meg Dowling and Katherine Rudzki were led by Bob Neeld through this single-family home. It is the size of a medium commercial building.

First stop was through a makeshift doorway into the garage. The team wandered through halfway finished hallways, stepping over tiny canyons that will hold radiant heat tubing. From the garage, they found themselves in a grand entryway.

Bob walking across the radiant heat floor panels in the front entryway.

From there, the team walked into what will be the dining room. It is here that one can see what EV’s team of structural engineers can do. There are steel beams visible going up and over the room. These beams are holding up the building, and they also cantilever outward towards the lake to create a deck. This is an elegant way to incorporate the structural elements of the building into a physical element of the building.

Two of the cantilever beams (B/3 and B/4). The porch outside of the windows is covered by a deck supported by these beams.

The team moved upstairs to check out just how sturdy the second floor might be. Bob identified an area of the floor on top of a steel beam and told Meg and Katherine to jump on it. The floor had no give whatsoever! That’s the power of structural engineering!

Our Financial Systems Manager, Meg, was thrilled to see what the inner workings of such a big house would look like. For projects like this, she only sees the outcome of billing and invoices. Katherine, EV’s Marketing Coordinator, was excited to see just what structural engineering looks like in a home. So many of her project photos are of the completed building, most of the time she can’t point out from the outside what her coworkers have done.

These steel beams will assist with lateral wind loads.

The team are excited to see what the completed building looks like!

Representing EV! (Left to right – Meg Dowling, Katherine Rudzki, Bob Neeld)