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Archives: Testimonials

Paul Bruhn, Executive Director, The Preservation Trust of Vermont

Dear People: One of the important ways the Preservation Trust of Vermont assists communities and organizations is to connect them with professionals who can assist in developing rehabilitation and restoration plans for their historic buildings. This often means dealing with complex and challenging structural problems. Bob Neeld is one of those professionals. He brings a

Shelburne Museum

Thanks for your excellent report on our water problem in the Stagecoach Inn basement.  Your recommendation to improve surface and subsurface draining outside the building seems to be the bet way to go.  Thanks also for recommending a possible contractor if we need to catch the water once it enters the basement. – Richard L.

Williamsville, VT

Thank you for the services provided.  I found Bob’s visit and advice most valuable and most enjoyable too.  Bob is a very impressive and experienced person.  I liked his professionalism a lot.  – Peter Woodhead, Owner of Private Residence