“Teddy” Elizabeth Guerin, E.I.T.

Structural Staff Engineer

“Teddy” Elizabeth Guerin, E.I.T. studied Civil Engineering at the University of Vermont. She completed a senior design capstone project that examined the Waterbury Center State Park to help improve conditions after Hurricane Irene. She and her team partnered with the Vermont Department of Forests, and the Parks and Recreation Agency of Natural Resources.

After her graduation in 2015, Teddy worked with structural support calculations, research for mechanical systems, and designing a temporary support plan and permanent structural floor for a warehouse. She was also the project lead on projects ranging from unique rehabilitation to multi-story structures.

Teddy enjoys math, science, and problem solving, and is excited to incorporate all three of those skills to help design safe places for people to experience. At EV, she has been working on the Winooski School District, a zoo exhibit, barn rehabilitation, and a single-family residence.