Miles Stetson, P.E.

Structural Project Engineer/Project Manager

Miles Stetson. P.E. joined EV in 2014 after spending his early career in consulting engineering and technical sales.  Since joining EV, Miles has grown his expertise in structural engineering including managing great volume of projects and clients throughout  the Upper Valley.

Miles has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of New Hampshire, Durham, followed by graduate study for a Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Structural Focus. Working as a structural engineer since the beginning of 2007, he completed the design of several projects in the building and hydropower industries. Miles has a passion for structural engineering and specializes specifically in those areas pertaining to structural analysis and design with steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and timber.

During his more than three-and-a-half years working as an outside technical sales representative, he developed a talent for providing excellent quality client service. Strong work and service skills were instilled in Miles from an early age, through the model ingrained in him by his family’s metal fabrication business operated since 1950. Contributing to the success of local industry is very important to Miles and he feels exceptionally fortunate to not only work in a field that he enjoys, but to serve clients in the region in which he grew up. Miles derives a great deal of satisfaction from the development and maintenance of strong client relations over the long term.