Libraries Sweep the 2020 Best of the Best Awards

Two EV projects won Efficiency Vermont Best of the Best awards at their Better Buildings By Design conference. The Pierson Library (Vermont Integrated Architecture) in Shelburne, Vermont and the Worthen Library (Wiemann Lamphere) in South Hero, Vermont both won awards for energy efficiency.

According to a recent Gallup poll, library attendance has outpaced trips to the movie theater over 2019. In a parallel trend, libraries all over Vermont are getting makeovers. On top of these two buildings, South Burlington, Vermont will soon have a new combined community center, city hall, and library of their own.

The Pierson Library in Shelburne was given both the Large Commercial Honor Award and the People’s Choice Award (chosen by conference attendees). The old building was torn down to construct a modernized and energy efficient library. It opened in September 2019, and since then the library hours have expanded to keep up with demand.

The Worthen Library in South Hero used to be located in the town’s elementary school. Because of this, its hours were dictated by when the school was open. Town leaders wanted the facility to better service the community with extended hours, and to have the capability of becoming net zero in the future. The new library accomplishes exactly that! This library was given the Small Commercial Honor Award at the Efficiency Vermont conference.

Engineering Ventures is proud to be a part of the future of energy efficiency in Vermont!