EV Spring Retreat 2019

Here’s a good one: how many engineers does it take to get out of an Escape Room in 60 minutes?

The Engineering Ventures crew, representing all three offices, took a day from our usual work for a company retreat. Not only was it a celebration of our 25th year as a company, but it encouraged a different kind of thinking than what normally goes on at our desks. We gathered at the University of Vermont Alumni House, where so many of our team went for their degrees, and began our discussions.

The retreat was an open forum for ideas to improve workflow and to renew our drive to make EV the place to be! Everyone discussed so many brilliant ideas, and our committees are excited to start making them a reality.

Great job to all! (Left to right, back row: Chris H, Katherine R, Sara D, Shannon H, Adam M, Mike D, Tyler B, Jeff F, Paul H, Kevin W, Bill N. Middle row: Jessie J, Hannah W, Julia G, Alex S, Bob N, Julie R, Jody M, Mark D, Trish D. Bottom row: James H, Keith G, Matt E, Nik F, Clark A, Paul B)

After nearly having to peel everyone away from discussing their amazing ideas, we headed over to Escape Room 60 in Williston. We split into 3 teams and headed to our missions…

The winning team of treasure hunters! (Left to right: Sara D, Alex S, James H, Mike D, Adam M, Jessie J, Bob N, Bill N, and Julie R)
Oh no, the outbreak wasn’t contained! Good try, folks! (Left to right: Clark A, Hannah W, Nik F, Mark D)
The aliens outsmarted them! Time to take over the world… (Left to right: Tyler B, Keith G, Paul B, Matt E, Katherine R, and Julia G)

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our retreat. We are grateful for your energy, and we are all so excited to continue making EV the very best it can be.

(Escape Room 60 photos credited to their awesome staff – thank you for hosting our company’s after-retreat party! Thank you to the UVM Alumni House staff for hosting our retreat, and to Sugar Snap Catering for our lunch.)