Project Type: Religious Facilities

Project Type: Religious Facilities

First Congregational Church, Williamstown, MA

The First Congregational Church in Williamstown, MA celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2015. Rebuilding, fires, removals and additions may have changed the appearance of the building from its original small wood structure, but the importance of the church to the community at large has held steady. In preparation for their next 250 years, the church

Union Church of Proctor, Proctor, VT

Structural engineering services were provided for the analysis and design of the primary structural framing and the foundations for the proposed structures including the stair and elevator tower, the enclosed spaces for mechanical room and toilet, the bridges and ramps, and retaining walls.

United Church of Northfield, Northfield, VT

Civil services included exterior drainage work around the building foundation necessitated by water infiltration into the lower level. Additional services included a full structural analysis on this 1836 building in order for it to meet the current Code required loads.  Work included review and upgrades to the steeple, roof, main sanctuary floor, lower level floor

First Congregational Church, Burlington, VT

Civil and permitting services were provided for a small entry addition and drop-off with associated site and drainage improvements.  Remediation included determining the source of water, alternative means of collecting water, and options were provided for the water discharge. Also provided were site grading, hardscape design, drainage and erosion control.