North Country School Performing Arts Center, Lake Placid, New York

The North Country School Walter Breeman Performing Arts Center is currently under construction, but will soon be a centralized space for students to develop, practice, and showcase their blossoming talents. The building will house a theater for about 300 people, with a series of catwalks, practice rooms, a workshop, and a grand entryway.

Engineering Ventures helped with permitting the project (civil), as well as structural design. The building is a combination of steel and wood systems. Getting the two systems to play nicely was a challenge, but eventually our structural engineers convinced them to work together… because when a structural engineer tells you to do something, you do it!

The curved wall leading into the theater. This also shows the connection between the wood and steel framing on the left side of the photograph.

Some interesting features of the building include the curved entryway and symmetrical exposed X-braces in the theater.  Curving concrete walls, masonry and steel lintels isn’t easy, but it can be done. The end result is an elegant building that will fit with the design theme of the campus.