Fuller Road Culvert Replacement, Peru, NY

After an appearance of a 2ft deep sink hole, civil engineering services were provided for an assessment of the 2 existing 10ft diameter corrugated metal culverts with full and partial headwalls. The culverts were in disrepair having been washed out in a 1998 storm and reinstalled in the same location, evidenced by damage to the section ends and previous corrosion and discoloration of the flow path. Previous sink holes were reported as having been repaired with a stone fill and rip-rap slope protection that extended under the roadway as well as having been used as backfill material. The sink holes appeared to be forming as a result of the road base material being washed into the the voids of the rip-rap. Several repair options were provided and ultimately the decision was made to replace the existing culverts with a concrete box culvert to restore the environment and recreate the natural bottom trout stream crossing. The designed solution will provide long term (50+ years) results without deferred maintenance cost.

Numerous projects have been completed for the Town of Peru, including:

  • Water main replacements for Reservoir, Calkins and Barney Downs Roads, 12” water main, 2 PRV’s, hydraulic analysis of entire water distribution system to design pipe size and PRV settings. Design included two PRV vaults, and structural, mechanical and electrical with design subcontractors.
  • Water distribution system replacement projects on Holden Avenue, Maiden Lane, North Bend Street, Town Park Road, Reservoir Road, County Route 442, and Rand Union Road.
  • At the Peru Water Treatment Plant, the existing PVC piping was replaced with stainless steel and valves were added to isolate the filter trains.
  • Structural design was also provided for the Peru Salt Shed, a 11,500 sf fabric roof structure including 14’ retaining walls.