Camp Dudley, Westport, NY & Camp Kiniya, Colchester, VT

Civil, structural and permitting services have been provided for these historic summer camps on Lake Champlain. 

Recent work has included remediation for the repair of500′ of clay slope failure, up to 70′ high. Temporary shoring of historic buildings, temporary jetty and barge landing were installed to allow installation of temporary stone armament, the sloping ledge was chipped to accept a reinforced concrete retaining wall and drilled for grouted anchors. The retaining walls were installed at the toe to 8’in height, and back filled with 2 drainage layers prior to granular backfill, and the retaining wall received stone armament and aesthetic treatment to blend into the natural environment.

Various projects have been completed since 2000, including improvements to the boathouse, a new water building, infrastructure support, masterplanning, water and sewer system upgrades, structural design of camp buildings, general purpose athletic fields, land use permitting, and wetlands delineation.