Birds of Vermont Museum Pedestrian Bridge, Huntington, VT

In 2013, a rain-fed flood carved out a deep ravine near the Birds of Vermont Museum. In the process, it destroyed the gravel walkway connecting their parking lot to the museum itself and to the hiking trails beyond. This was a tragedy for such a rural museum. However, the staff saw the disaster as an opportunity to build something even better.

Our structural team assisted with the design for a new accessible pedestrian bridge with panel guard rail features. They implemented sustainable design practices with the use of Black Locust lumber, an invasive species of tree in New England known for its rot-resistant and hearty wood. The bridge blends into its surroundings with natural wood beams and simple wire mesh panels.

Years later, the ravine is a lush habitat and the bridge allows for visitors to take a close look at the birds without disturbing them.

Thank you to the Birds of Vermont Museum for the use of their ‘before’ pictures.